I am a PhD candidate at the Bureau of Economic Theory and Applications (BETA), in Nancy and Strasbourg (France). I will graduate in 2020 and I am working on my company.

My research interests are agent-based modeling in economics, reproducibility, non-monetary incentives and the measure of scientific knowledge in economics.

On top of my research, after six years of teaching experience, I also have an extensive experience in economics outreach, science communication and popularization.

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Topics of interest

My main topics of interest are:

Secondary topics of interest: personnel economics, machine learning.


Working papers

  • Managing the “Insides” as a Remedy for Agency Problems? A Model of Transformational Leadership (2020)

Work in progress

  • Adhesion to Management Style and Turnover in Firms (2019)
    • Agent-based modelling
  • Does a Motivational Speech Increase Effort? Individual and Team (2016)


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  • Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA) 2019“, Sandtable’s blog, July 2, 2019. Read it


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